Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Welcome to Lemon Jellie!!

Welcome to my first blog as 'Lemon Jellie'! It is very exciting for me to finally begin my blog and be on the verge of launching my designs and patterns. Firstly however, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Michelle Long and I have been quilting now for approximately 20 years. Quilting was one of those 'things' where the moment I tried it I fell in love and knew immediately that it was a love that would last a lifetime (as corny as it sounds!). Of course, at different stages of my life (like the arrival of babies and moving house) it may not have received the attention I would have liked to have devoted , but like all true loves, it patiently awaited!
I love the entire process of quilting, and and the opportunity this gives to design and 'create'. I have sewed in some form, basically my whole life, and love experimenting with colour, texture and pattern. Quilting was therefore the perfect progression. I love too, what that gorgeous finished product represents. It is an item of love and self expression which can be given to loved ones. And the fact that this item can then be wrapped around themselves to give comfort and warmth, well, it just makes me all warm and fuzzy!
Creating my own patterns has been a dream for a long time now, and I have decided that the time is right in my life, for many reasons, to jump in and 'have a go'. So please, enjoy the journey as I share it here my new 'Lemon Jellie' blog!

Michelle xx