Friday, September 23, 2011

Wonder Woman!

Well, today I received a little parcel in the mail from my sister. I wonder what it could be?? Totally intrigued I opened the little package with great anticipation and was not disappointed! Wonder Woman undies! Of course! Why didn't I know that BEFORE I opened the envelope??

Don't you love the fact that sisters know all those little things about you that no one else could (even if they 'might' occasionally use it against you)? I had a huge smile on face reading her note reminiscing about the wonder woman costume I attempted to sew in the 70's. The pants I made out of an old light blue petticoat (of course!)... see through...mmmmm, that was rather baggy, and I even 'hobby-tex'd' gold stars on them. You can just picture it can't you? Fortunately Mum had some sort of gold braid in her sewing stash, so I even had a lasso. What fun, it made do, but .... no matter how hard I wished and concentrated when I spun in a circle, I never did turn into Wonder Woman!

So, this weekend I intend to be my own version of Wonder Woman (aren't we all?) And to prove that I am striving to be a real superhero, I might even wear my underpants on the outside!!!

I have some serious sewing to do this weekend, so I hopefully I can blog some results of such early in the week.

Have a great weekend everyone,
Michelle xx

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Op Shop find......

Finally!! I get to post of such a find, I am no longer an op shopper blogger virgin! About 50m from the shop is a vinnies, and just as I was approaching 'work' (always feel guilty calling it work when I have so much fun).... out the corner of my little eye I spied my 'little treasure' being placed out the front of vinnies. It may as well have had a red flashing light because my internal sewing senses knew it was there (I'm sure there is such a thing, isn't there?).
So I now have a dilemma... I'm opening the shop by myself, its 9 o'clock... what do I do??? Every second its sitting there, its at risk of falling into the wrong hands.... I start to sweat.... think Michelle THINK!!!! Could I close the shop for 2 minutes to run down?? No, not a good look, and ladies will be arriving for a class soon. Maybe I could ring a friend and get them to pick it up for me? No, too desperate and I don't want to put anyone else out like that (but maybe they might be driving past??? NO Michelle! That's crazy)....mmmmm... Eileen will be arriving shortly to take the Sylvias class, surely she won't mind holding the fort for 2 minutes while I run down, ok... that's the plan. So, in walks the unsuspecting Eileen, the poor lady, she doesn't have time to breathe before I pounce, and try to explain in mono-syllables (can't waste time explaining) what I NEED to do (because in my mind, it is now a life and death situation we are dealing with....).
So out the door I run, crash tackling anyone who dares to get in my way (ok, I am exaggerating, but the story is building momentum now and I don't want to disappoint with a non-eventful ending), I snatch my item from the front of the shop, breathlessly slam it on the counter and expectantly look at the lady waiting for her to say "oh I'm sorry crazy lady, that is mine and was never meant to go out", but instead she says "I knew that wouldn't last long, that'll be $8 please". $8????? I couldn't get my money out quick enough!
So, with treasure firmly in hand (made sure I held on extra tight because I am now a treasure snatching target...everyone will want it!!) I skip all the way back to The Quilters Corner, wishing I had worn red sequined slippers, because I definitely felt the need to do some heel tapping.
Feeling very content I know showed off my treasure to all the ladies who walked in the door. And how lucky am I to be in a place where my find is completely appreciated?
I love my 'job'.

here endeth my tale, (and this was going to be a quick post..)
hope you all have a great weekend,

Michelle xx

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fabulous weekend at Circle Retreat

What a wonderful weekend! I again had the pleasure of going up to the circle retreat at Buderim and was not in the slightest bit disappointed! It was so relaxing, just being able to chip away at a couple of UFO's while enjoying a laid back atmosphere with everything at your beck and call. We even got to Eumundi markets on Saturday morning which was a real treat. I haven't been in a few years and therefore very excited to see some lovely new things. A couple of stalls did manage to relieve me of some money, but a girl can never have too many skirts right? ..... or necklaces.... or fabric brooches.....

A girls weekend away can not be complete without a stop at a Quilt Shop, and The Patchwork Angel filled that brief very well. Again, it had been a few years since I had visited the shop and I loved having a look around ... and I may have bought some fabric..... or even signed on for a Block of the Month..... BUT IT WASN'T MY FAULT!!! I'm genetically designed and created to buy fabric so blame my Mum ok? Another bonus was that I got to meet Penni, the owner of the Patchwork Angel who was so lovely and welcoming.

I thought I took more photos, but obviously not... sorry Stacey. I did take one of Eileen's magnificent version of 'Sylvias Bridal sampler' from the Elm Creek Quilts. She has one more row to go I think, but it looks absolutely amazing as you can see.

Michelle xx

Monday, September 12, 2011


Nope! I didn't learn.. I backed up one serious outbreak with another. 6 days later to be exact... What can I say? It might actually be incurable. Thanks for all your lovely comments, I just LOVE reading them! Tania, I think you are definitely on to something, active procrastination is a waste of time, best I accept my genetic affliction, and be happy with THE VERY LAST MINUTE.... perfectly said!
So, I was teaching a workshop out at The Samford Quilters on needleturn applique. I needed a project, (which of course included a sample), notes and a few other little bits and pieces. I worked all the day before putting together my handouts on technique, tips and hints, and started my project after dinner ... as you do. I had two different designs to choose from and they could be put together into a little journal (which I wrote a little pattern for).
My sewing came together quickly, (little happy dance), I printed everything out and put together little packages for each lady (another little happy dance) and went to bed knowing that I had done all that I could.

In the morning, after a double dose of deodorant (knowing that I would be the victim of nervous sweatiness, yuk...)I was on my way. 22 ladies turned up (delete little happy dance... add nervous shuffle) and we were away. I had a plan of attack and it all went without a hitch. Big happy dance on the way back to car!

The ladies were just lovely and the biggest compliment has been many of them coming into the shop and telling me they had finished their journals. Apparently last weeks show and tell at Samford featured many of the journals, which thrills me.

I have many little things to blog about this stick around...

Have a great week,
Michelle xx