Saturday, September 17, 2011

Op Shop find......

Finally!! I get to post of such a find, I am no longer an op shopper blogger virgin! About 50m from the shop is a vinnies, and just as I was approaching 'work' (always feel guilty calling it work when I have so much fun).... out the corner of my little eye I spied my 'little treasure' being placed out the front of vinnies. It may as well have had a red flashing light because my internal sewing senses knew it was there (I'm sure there is such a thing, isn't there?).
So I now have a dilemma... I'm opening the shop by myself, its 9 o'clock... what do I do??? Every second its sitting there, its at risk of falling into the wrong hands.... I start to sweat.... think Michelle THINK!!!! Could I close the shop for 2 minutes to run down?? No, not a good look, and ladies will be arriving for a class soon. Maybe I could ring a friend and get them to pick it up for me? No, too desperate and I don't want to put anyone else out like that (but maybe they might be driving past??? NO Michelle! That's crazy)....mmmmm... Eileen will be arriving shortly to take the Sylvias class, surely she won't mind holding the fort for 2 minutes while I run down, ok... that's the plan. So, in walks the unsuspecting Eileen, the poor lady, she doesn't have time to breathe before I pounce, and try to explain in mono-syllables (can't waste time explaining) what I NEED to do (because in my mind, it is now a life and death situation we are dealing with....).
So out the door I run, crash tackling anyone who dares to get in my way (ok, I am exaggerating, but the story is building momentum now and I don't want to disappoint with a non-eventful ending), I snatch my item from the front of the shop, breathlessly slam it on the counter and expectantly look at the lady waiting for her to say "oh I'm sorry crazy lady, that is mine and was never meant to go out", but instead she says "I knew that wouldn't last long, that'll be $8 please". $8????? I couldn't get my money out quick enough!
So, with treasure firmly in hand (made sure I held on extra tight because I am now a treasure snatching target...everyone will want it!!) I skip all the way back to The Quilters Corner, wishing I had worn red sequined slippers, because I definitely felt the need to do some heel tapping.
Feeling very content I know showed off my treasure to all the ladies who walked in the door. And how lucky am I to be in a place where my find is completely appreciated?
I love my 'job'.

here endeth my tale, (and this was going to be a quick post..)
hope you all have a great weekend,

Michelle xx


Anonymous said...

You are very funny, love the way you write.
I have my mother in laws old one, she gave it to me last time we went to germany and I love it.
It is dark and just beautiful.
Enjoy your find


Steph said...

Oh my giddy aunt!!! What a brilliant find!! You have hereby been promoted to op shopper extrodinaire. How wonderful it was still there. And such a great story. Hope you have a lovely day :) x

Hot Fudge said...

I just had to rush into my sewing room to check that mine was still there. Whew! I've had mine for about forty years and I would have been a wee bit upset if it had disappeared!