Monday, June 18, 2012


Deadlines are my friend!  Its true, I have to admit it.  They make me stressed and 'a little' harder (note I'm honest, and said hardER) to live with, but they do make me get things done.  I was having my quilts professionally photographed on the weekend so needed the 3 quilts in progress to be done.  And done they were!!  With a whole 16 hours to spare.... applause please, I think that's a record!

The first was "A walk in the woods", which I showed you last post.  Next was "Lemon Peel", a new design (well an old design actually but with my new take on it), using perle thread applique.  I really enjoyed making this quilt, it was great fun and gave me my handwork to do in front of the tv, while playing with a new technique (win win!).  I'm actually teaching this quilt next term at the shop if you are local and interested (or interested and local if you prefer.....ok... too much coffee....).

Next.... well..... I don't have the full photo.... just a photo of the photographer photographing...  but my new, very own design, applique quilt!!  I will post more photos as soon as I have them.

Phewwww......what a weekend! 
Hope you enjoyed yours, we had the most glorious weather here Brisbane.
Michelle xx

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A walk in the woods......

Last week I had another little play with a charm pack.  I made the exact same design I have made before, but instead of appliqueing a tree, I added toadstools to fit in with the theme of my fabric.  Quite pleased I was with the result! 

Its a great size for little ones, a cot, or perfect size for hosting a 'book club meeting with your teddies' (especially if you are 6 years old, and it is a rainy long weekend).  For anyone super keen, we have exact kits available at The Quilters Corner.

Have a great week,
Michelle xx

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Aussie Flags...

Why is it that when you most want to sew, your machine has other ideas??  I was totally in my quilting groove this morning, all jobs had been done early do I could make the most of the day.  That is super organised in my dictionary!  I did some more piecing on a project, then moved on to free motion quilting a little charm square quilt.  Next, consistent with the cold winds blowing outside in Brisbane today, an ill wind blew through my sewing machine.  It decided to put its little foot up, and call it a day!  The cheek! Did it not realise that 10 minutes more and I would have been done? 

So with my spare machine holidaying at the shop, I frantically looked around for 'what next'?  Of course I could put the telly on and hand sew, but that is definitely too indulgent, so instead I finished basting my 'Block of the Month', a very worthwhile task. 

Still suffering from that nagging feeling of a job nearly done, my next achievable task is to blog!  So here I am.... and the point of all the above ranting was that I wanted to share with you a cushion a lovely customer made using my 'Aussie Flag' pattern.  She started with the intention of making this as a birthday gift, but liked it so much she decided to keep it!  And I don't blame her, it looks gorgeous! Thanks for sharing Jenny!

happy stitching,
Michelle xx