Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Magazine Profile and off to Melbourne!

I know!  It has been beyond way too long.  And yes, I kind of gave up on my blog moved over to (seemingly) more popular Facebook and Instagram.  But I like blog and have realised that, here, I can 'do' and 'explain' things in more detail.  I'm hoping to add some tutorials soon, so please come back and visit.

So today!  Wow, I finally got the see the new Quilters Companion which was released today. It features my 'newspaper roses' quilt.  I was really pleased that they were able to show both the versions of this quilt that I made, as I always think it makes it look so different,.  What can inspire someone in one colour way, another may not look twice at which I always find fascinating.

They also did a 'little' profile on me (which I didn't find until a couple of hours later!), which I'm way too embarrassed to read.  They have also popped in a photo of my forever loved "Aunt Millie's Garden" quilt, a pattern by "Piece o'cake".  

So tomorrow, feeling all pumped and raring to go, I'm off to Melbourne to the annual Australian Quilt Market.  It is literally better than being a kid in a shop, and I nearly need to wear a bib for the amount I'm drooling!

I promise to be back and share some photos..