Sunday, May 23, 2010

What a great retreat!

Last weekend was the first of two retreats for 'The Quilters Corner' and fun was definitely had by all! What a wonderful way to spend a weekend; quilting... friends... laughter... eating....eating... a glass of wine.... a little more eating.., all while someone else cooks for you. What bliss!! At the end of the weekend we had a show and tell session which was wonderful as we all got to see the wonderful creations people had made. I just love to see the variety of colours and how someones personality can be seen in what they create. I didn't have much to show (no, not JUST because of the eating), but even though I had been a busy beaver, much of my work was still in pieces. I had however, made 270 half square triangles, and 300 rows for my 100 nine patch blocks required for my quilt. Half of those 9 patches were joined, so a lot was accomplished but not much to 'show'. I have to say though (this is where I brag!), that one of my favourite parts of the weekend was coming to find that my wonderful husband (with the help of 3 daughters) had the house beautifully clean and tidy AND had caught up on ALL my washing!! It was bliss! Thanks Hun!! xxx It meant I could come in, and put my feet up, (lets face it, I had had a HARD weekend). More about the weekend can be read at Liisa's blog at

Here is a photo of us busy at work. From left, myself, Liisa, Jenni and Kath.
So this week has been slowly returning to the real world, and trying to keep up with the washing which my husband so lovingly did! The rain didn't help and either did the fact that lovely 14 yr old daughter decided to bring out about 4 weeks worth of dirty washing from the dark depths of her room. Never mind! Last night I did manage to get back to my retreat quilt while waiting up to pick up 16 yr old daughter from a party at 11pm. As she is the oldest of 3 girls, I'm thinking that there might be a few night time quilting opportunities to come!! I managed to join all the blocks together, so this morning while hubby is taking Miss 14 to a netball carnival, Miss 16 is sleeping in, and having just painted Miss 4's nails red, I'm going to sit and join my rows!
By the way, the shop has nearly sold out of my first batch of patterns so that is very exciting!!
Michelle xx

Monday, May 10, 2010

My first pattern on the shelf!

Happy Mothers Day to all for yesterday! Hopefully you were spoiled and got to spend the day with your favourite people, doing your favourite things. I ran in the Mothers Day Classic with my 14 yr old daughter Sally (or should I say 'ran behind') which was a first for me, and it was a lot of fun. The rest of the family came in to meet us, so we had a lovely time before heading home for a relaxing afternoon. I didn't even get to speak to my Mum this year as she is in 'Casablanca', ready to embark on a 14 day tour of Morocco, lucky girl! Enjoy yourself Mum, you deserve it!!

Last week was also very exciting for me as my first pattern went into the shop. I am very happy with them and how they present. I have a couple of pre-orders but it was very exciting to see a new face come into the shop, pick one up and buy it. (She probably wondered why I had this silly little grin on my face..) So I thought I would share a photo of how they look next to my bag, before I get straight to work on writing the next one.

Have a great week,