Saturday, June 29, 2013

postcards from Bali....

Not a lot of words required for this post, I think you might get the picture ;)

My hubby and I were lucky enough to spend 9 days in Bali, taking in a myriad of sights and adventures...... now... back to reality!
So, here is a snapshot of some of those delights, (very hard to choose photos I might add!)


 Enjoy your week,
Michelle xx

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Jonty's quilt

Just recently, a dear friend, was transforming her spare room into a nursery for a much loved and anticipated baby.   As part of the 'sorting', she found a phone number on a piece of paper at the bottom of a drawer, mine!   You see, sadly, through the process of me moving interstate and a new baby I had lost contact with her.

 I received a text out of the blue one day asking if perhaps I still had this phone number, which I did.  Through the emails which followed I was so excited to learn that she was a couple of weeks away from having her first baby.  The baby issue was something we had discussed, at great length, many many times, when we had worked together 12 years ago in Canberra.

So here she was about to bring a little life into the world.  Through 'facebook' I got to share many exciting moments before and after the birth.  She did it with such beautiful clarity that I was able to relive so many of those special moments with my own 3 babies.  And being a 'little' older, and having waited so many years she has loved and treasured EVERY moment.  What an absolute joy it has been, sharing this with her newly expanded family. 

I can't tell you how much it has meant to get back in contact with a special friend. 

So if any occasion screams "make a quilt!!!" at me, it was this one.  A simple little quilt (made with one charm square and a couple of borders) but made with the same amount of love.  I received the most beautiful thankyou note from Helen, which made the joy of giving all the more sweeter.

So here is Jonty's quilt........

and a closer up of the applique, for this I always take inspiration from the range of fabric, which in this case was 'bungle jungle'.

Have a great weekend everyone!
Michelle xx