Thursday, July 26, 2012


This term I have the pleasure of my eldest daughter Jen (on the right) and her lovely friend Anne coming along to the beginners course that I teach at The Quilters Corner.  It is a lovely opportunity for Jen to see more about what I do, learn an AMAZING craft all while spending time with her 'bestie' (which is a little more limited these days as they are at different uni's).

Jen is a complete and utter 'studyaholic', so I was very keen for her to try her hand at a hobby which, with a bit of luck, may also offer another outlet for her brain.  And quilting, offers that smart little brain, an opportunity to relax and unwind ..... its TRUE... science even backs it up!  (mmmm... might have to find some data on that and post it...)

So! Jen and Anne have chosen completely different fabrics.  Jen has gone for her usual bright, bold and cheery fabrics, while Anne had something completely different in mind.  Anne took a gap year from uni last year, and had the privilege of working/teaching in a school in Malawi, Africa.  She brought home some amazing fabrics which she wanted to work around.  This is the girls with their 'Rail Fence' block and don't they look fabulous?
I will bring you more photos of their work as the eight weeks progress.

Have a great weekend everyone.  I'm off to the school fete (Prince of Peace Lutheran College) this Saturday, always loads of fun, then head off to Adelaide early Sunday morning.  I'll just be there for a couple of days helping Mum and Dad pack up the house after 31 years as they prepare to move into a smaller home in a retirement village in the Adelaide Hills.  Apparently after 20 years, its time for ME to store my OWN wedding dress!! (how rude!) I also have the top layer of my wedding cake there somewhere, not sure if I want to disturb that though... all sorts of science experiments may be lurking.

Squeezes, Michelle xxx

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Funny little finds.....

Isn't this what you find on your sewing machine every day?? 

The things I find 'set up' around our house constantly make me smile, and unfortunately a little sad.  I absolutely dread the day when I don't find them anymore.  Elsie has always been able to play so happily by herself.  She has this whole little world happening in her imagination and you often see her lips moving while she is playing out a little 'scene' in her head.  I just love it. On Friday she turns 7, and although she is beside herself with excitement, I wish she would stop growing.  Oh sure, some parts of life will be easier, but it will also be a lot less innocent.  So here's to you Mr Potato Head, long may you adorn my sewing machine! 

As for the beanie bears in stilettos, one can only wonder.....

have a great week,
squeezes Michelle xx

p.s. visited the graphic designer yesterday about getting my 'BOM' applique patterns drawn professionally in preparation for sale, very exciting...

Friday, July 6, 2012

Thankyou for your support...

Last weekend I ran the 10km event at the Gold Coast.  It wasn't my fastest time, but it was the first time I did it without injuries, making it my most enjoyable by far. 

This year was also made special as I ran as part of the 'MND and me' team, a foundation set up by a friend of ours in support of Motor Neurone Disease.  Scott is amazing man, with a young family, who has being diagnosed with this hideous disease.  Average life expectancy is 27 months, there is no cure or treatment and your mind is completely in tact while every part of your body is slowly paralysed.  Scott and his wife Sarah have done amazing things.  They have set up this foundation not only to raise money for research but to offer grants to families with MND.  This allows them to do such things as modify their homes so their loved ones can remain with the family as long as possible.  It gives them back some dignity. 

I would like to make mention of another special person, my friend Kath pictured with me.  Kath in an incredibly generous and compassionate person, and once she found out that I was running for MND, she wanted to join the cause too. Kath hadn't even met Scott, but was moved by his story and took to fundraising for him.  Thankyou Kath, you're a gem!

So, the team raised an amazing $58000 and I raised $1338.  Part of this was from a raffle I ran at the shop, for the little quilt 'A walk in the woods'.  Maree was thrilled to win this and picked up the little parcel yesterday.  Congratulations Maree!

I'm so lucky to 'work' where I do.  Everyone has been so supportive.  Once Liisa emailed about the raffle, lots of customers popped in asking for their ticket, and wishing me well.  Since the weekend so many people  have asked how the run went. I feel very blessed to be surrounded in such a lovely community of people... quilters I might add, what more could a girl ask for?

A humble thankyou,
Michelle xx