Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Cat in the Hat is Back.....

I love The Cat in the Hat and have been loving all the fabric that has been coming out in the last couple of years.  I got my first Dr Seuss book from Father Christmas, and it is still going strong, having been read hundreds of times to my 3 girls as well. 

Sally was 16 last Friday so I was excited to have an excuse to make up one of the raggy kits that we put together at The Quilters Corner..... please note, the fact that my daughter is named after one of the main characters is purely coincidental....maybe....  The quilt is so bright and fun and makes you desperate for a cold night to snuggle underneath! 

I also dug this photo out for amusement... my sister Suzanne and I went as "thing 1 & thing 2" to my eldest sister Jane's 40th a few years back.  The theme was 'naughty 40', and lets face it, who could be naughtier than "thing 1 & thing 2"?  We had a lot of fun and people got us mixed up all night!

have a great week,
Michelle xx

Monday, March 5, 2012

Nearly there......

While the rain may be falling steady outside in Brisbane, the sun is definitely shining in my sewing room! The end is in sight for my very own designed applique quilt.  All 9 blocks are done, and put together and now I have just the border to go.  I sketched quite a few border options on the weekend and let the girls have the deciding vote, now I just have to try and get the colour balance right.... mmm.  I'm really hoping it comes together, as I'm desperate to finish it. All too often, something doesn't quite work out how I picture it in my head, and I therefore put it aside until the next burst of inspiration.  Fingers crossed for quilt harmony

Have a great week,
squeezes, Michelle x