Tuesday, December 13, 2011


busy busy busy..... isn't it always the way at this time of year? We are heading off to Adelaide for Christmas this year and I still have a gazillion (yes, it is a word) things to do. I still have Christmas presents to make (ok ok! I might also still need to DECIDE what to make).., Christmas presents to buy, pack.. (think of what to pack), and Christmas parties to be had.  Oh, and we also have an 18th birthday in the house tomorrow... just a little exciting... and disturbing (I can't be that old can I?).
So, my mother in law has a thing for table runners, so for Christmas, guess what she's getting?  Thought I should make one a little special though, and since I am running a Bargello class next year, bargello seemed liked a logical choice.  I have been having so much fun making this.  Like with so many things quilting, it is never as hard as it seems, so give it a go if you've ever thought about it.  I'm finding it quite addictive and can't wait to get into my sampler for the shop (completely different palette... green and blue batiks). 

Here is the runner in pieces, I called it a night when I sewed two of the strips the wrong way around.  I will post a piccie of the finished product in the next couple of days. 

Enjoy your Christmas preparations,
Michelle xx