Friday, September 23, 2011

Wonder Woman!

Well, today I received a little parcel in the mail from my sister. I wonder what it could be?? Totally intrigued I opened the little package with great anticipation and was not disappointed! Wonder Woman undies! Of course! Why didn't I know that BEFORE I opened the envelope??

Don't you love the fact that sisters know all those little things about you that no one else could (even if they 'might' occasionally use it against you)? I had a huge smile on face reading her note reminiscing about the wonder woman costume I attempted to sew in the 70's. The pants I made out of an old light blue petticoat (of course!)... see through...mmmmm, that was rather baggy, and I even 'hobby-tex'd' gold stars on them. You can just picture it can't you? Fortunately Mum had some sort of gold braid in her sewing stash, so I even had a lasso. What fun, it made do, but .... no matter how hard I wished and concentrated when I spun in a circle, I never did turn into Wonder Woman!

So, this weekend I intend to be my own version of Wonder Woman (aren't we all?) And to prove that I am striving to be a real superhero, I might even wear my underpants on the outside!!!

I have some serious sewing to do this weekend, so I hopefully I can blog some results of such early in the week.

Have a great weekend everyone,
Michelle xx

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circle retreat quilter said...

I can just visualise it now. and hobby tex wow I had forgotten all about that stuff.... good luck with your sewing. SJ