Monday, October 3, 2011

Delicious fabric!

Well... finally!! This weekend I got to sneak in a wee bit of sewing. I'm madly trying to finish off some projects for the up coming Craft Fair in Brisbane .... and well.... maybe start a new one... or two? (can't help myself). But when new fabric comes into the shop, that screams "sew me!!!" what's a girl to do? Make a new quilt of course! Well that is exactly what Anna Marie Horners new fabric 'Lou Lou thi' said to me so I was forced to obey.

I played with a couple of designs, but in the end the fabric just needed to be made up into a scrappy eclectic collection. So if you come by 'The Quilters Corner' stall at the October 'Quilt and Craft Fair' you will be able to have a look at the end result (there will also be kits available). I laid out this quilt last night, and just loved it, so am dying to put it together.... now if only this housework will do itself....

Have a great week,
Michelle xx


Anonymous said...

looks very yummy, looking forward to seeing your stand at the show, I am sure it will be very inspiring.


Steph said...

Oh Yum!! Can't wait to see it all together...and more than likely come in and buy some of that gorgeous fabric. Have locked Mum in to babysit the poppet on the Saturday of the show so will be able to come in (I refuse to be one of those pram ladies!) and indulge myself for the morning...or the day! Hope all is lovely in your world :) x

circle retreat quilter said...

oh its looking interesting? cant wait to see.all.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your lovely comment Michelle,yes good luck to your daughter it is a very long road ahead.
They need a lot of support while studying for all these years.


Quill and Ink Handmade said...

Ooh, looks lovely Michelle!
Can't wait to see it :)