Saturday, October 15, 2011

No rest for the wicked...

...and... as I was told yesterday, that must make me very wicked! The Quilters Corner will be at the Quilt and Craft Fair, which is starting this Wednesday. Of course, as always, I have set myself much to do, and now with only 3 days to go til setup have VERY limited time to do it...... (its a very good thing I don't chew my fingernails otherwise I would none left). I have 3 quilts to quilt, 3 patterns to write and 2 patterns to modify. Plus the odd bit of binding, photographing, and 'other stuff' to do. This is some of the sewing I have to finish (only showing backings..)
Even though there is much to be done, I am very excited, as it is a golden opportunity to show off some of my work and to have my patterns on sale. Liisa, Lorraine and I have been working madly on cutting and packing kits, so if you are attending the Brisbane Quilt and Craft Fair, please stop by and say hello!
I will have lots of photos to share soon, not to mention the 'big reveal' on my special quilt I have designed. I have had amazing feed back on it so far so am really looking forward to displaying it at the show.

Squeezes, Michelle xx

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Anonymous said...

woohoo can't wait to see it all, good luck