Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Brisbane Quilt and Craft Fair....

I think I will label this photo, "the chaos before the calm before the storm" (I'm thinking the 'calm' bit might be just before doors open!)

What an eye opener today was! You should see the boxes, palates, crates, suitcases and CHAOS that was within the convention centre today. It's amazing that all that can fit into tiny stands (well ours is!). Somethings did get culled, but WHEN we sell out of things they can always be brought back up from the car!
It was very exciting to see my quilts on display and my 'lemonjellie' patterns all lined up. It is also an exciting time because as I have been 'forced' to write my patterns (guess what? I think I may have overcome my aversion..) I now have enough patterns to set my website up properly.... so watch this space!
I will share some more photos with you tomorrow.

Michelle xx


Anonymous said...

Oh yes memories, I did this for 15 years, twice a year and it always took hours to set up and was very quick pulled down.
Good luck with your patterns.

Anonymous said...

How exciting, hopefully I will get to pop in and see you guys!

Steph said...

Yay for you!! Can't wait to pop in and see you and all your lovely things. Enjoy!! :) x

circle retreat quilter said...

Michelle, well done on your flags they look terrific and the apple quilt is just fab. I am having a ball and the shopping is amazing. have fun. hugs Stacey