Monday, September 12, 2011


Nope! I didn't learn.. I backed up one serious outbreak with another. 6 days later to be exact... What can I say? It might actually be incurable. Thanks for all your lovely comments, I just LOVE reading them! Tania, I think you are definitely on to something, active procrastination is a waste of time, best I accept my genetic affliction, and be happy with THE VERY LAST MINUTE.... perfectly said!
So, I was teaching a workshop out at The Samford Quilters on needleturn applique. I needed a project, (which of course included a sample), notes and a few other little bits and pieces. I worked all the day before putting together my handouts on technique, tips and hints, and started my project after dinner ... as you do. I had two different designs to choose from and they could be put together into a little journal (which I wrote a little pattern for).
My sewing came together quickly, (little happy dance), I printed everything out and put together little packages for each lady (another little happy dance) and went to bed knowing that I had done all that I could.

In the morning, after a double dose of deodorant (knowing that I would be the victim of nervous sweatiness, yuk...)I was on my way. 22 ladies turned up (delete little happy dance... add nervous shuffle) and we were away. I had a plan of attack and it all went without a hitch. Big happy dance on the way back to car!

The ladies were just lovely and the biggest compliment has been many of them coming into the shop and telling me they had finished their journals. Apparently last weeks show and tell at Samford featured many of the journals, which thrills me.

I have many little things to blog about this stick around...

Have a great week,
Michelle xx

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Quill and Ink Handmade said...

So glad it all went well - It actually sounds like you were really organised and on top of it all! Maybe you're just one of those lucky people who work best under pressure :)

So looking forward to taking your journal class in November - they're just beautiful!