Friday, March 18, 2011

A Mummy Trifecta!

What a great couple of days! Daughter #1 was presented with her scholarship for uni on Wednesday night (I couldn't be prouder!), then she got her 'P's' yesterday (lots of nail biting moments in store for me when she's running a few minutes late...), and daughter #2 comes home today after a month away on her school's Outdoor Education program, so very, very excited! (And daughter #3, well, she is of course fulfilling her role of being incredibly cute and crafting up a storm... I don't think there is an un-cut peice of paper left in the house!).

I also have been extremely spoilt, as the lovely Lorraine whom I work with, brought me back this beautiful bag, as she knows I love love love Cath Kidston! Aren't I lucky!

So, with all this positive energy floating around me I am feeling very motivated and sewing up a storm! I am currently working on a Bliss flannel, a new pattern of mine using the lovely new MoMo range 'Wing It', my applique BOM, binding a lovely American Jane quilt, and..... mmm.... I think that might be it for now!


Michelle xx

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circle retreat quilter said...

Wow sounds like your busy as ever. I so love Cath Kidston and her store in Bath is amazing. your a lucky girl. cheers n happy sewing.