Monday, August 15, 2011

What makes me smile...

Many things make me smile, but in particular this morning, I am referring to yet another of my little 'Elsie finds'. She plays in imaginary land so beautifully, and as a result I am often treated to these little 'scenes' set up all over (literally!) the house. I try very hard not to think about the day when I will no longer find these as it is just too sad, but in the meantime I will revel in them, photograph them, and occasionally share one here..

This one particularly played into my handmade vintage loving heart. The little doll quilt here, was mine, and was made for me by my beautiful Grandma. She made one for my two older sisters and I, and we each had a different coloured surround. Mine was pink, and I think Jane and Suzanne's were lavender and lemon. The also came with a little matching pillow.

It is so special to me to know that Elsie is playing with something made by her great Grandmother, someone who would have loved her to bits! It keeps that link alive. It is precious, and I could put it up in a cupboard to keep it safe, but then it wouldn't be nearly as special. It was made to use, and love and keep dolls warm, and I couldn't be happier that this gift from Grandma is still living on.

enjoy your week,
Michelle xx


Steph said...

So lovely when they love what's dear to you! And their play is just magic!! Looking forward to catching up on Thurday night for you hexie class...can't wait! Hope all is well in your world :) xx

Carlene said...

It brought a tear to the 'ol eye, to see that little quilt which was so lovingly made so long ago.
Yes, Grandma would be so happy knowing Elsie is using it.. xx

Jodie said...

Lovely post Michelle....Bess has my childhood love "Ëffie" with her on her bed every night. He's a very 70's navy codoroy elephant, and I love the fact that he continues to be loved, dressed up and often partakes in tea parties in the yard.