Friday, April 13, 2012

IPad Sleeve

Well... I'm so pleased with myself at the moment that I will happily quote a friend of mine.. "if I was a chocolate, I'd lick myself!" I decided that before the big holiday (only 2 more sleeps eeeekkk), I needed a sleeve to protect my ipad a little more.  I knew the design I had in mind, and had the idea of fabric but was worried it would be a little drab... so I improvised and love how the colours worked.  I'm also extra impressed for two reasons.  One, I used scraps to make the little 1" squares, AND two,  I used fabric I liked from my stash for the lining (gorgeous grass green polka dot).  Now I know that seems a silly thing to say, but I have a real problem using fabric I love, "just in case" there is something else down the track I'd rather use it for.  But what this leads to is a ginormous (yes, it is a word... maybe) stash of fabric that you're too frightened to touch, and really... what use is that?  
* editors note... the fabric MAY have gone in and out of the drawer a couple of times...

So, da daaaa!  I have a new ipad sleeve. And we sharn't (that's another made up word I'm entitled to use because its after midnight and I'm tired..) discuss how many times it was unpicked and sworn at.  But, I swear on my Mothers Bernina, that the measurements on my tape measure must of kept moving! Surely there's no other possible cause? 

Squeezes and sweet dreams (but not at the same time because otherwise you won't be able to get to sleep!)
Michelle xx

p.s. I will post this pattern as a tutorial upon my return x


Anonymous said...

Have a lovely holiday

Anonymous said...

That's's a very pretty iPad sleeve - love the fabrics. 'Sharn't' os a word where I come from and in extreme circumstances particularly amongst the older folk you meet in the village it becomes 'shent'. :) HAve a great holiday.