Monday, April 1, 2013

Victoria Findlay Wolfe Workshop

Wow!  What an amazing day!  It lived up to all my expectations and more, leaving me inspired and excited.
By 8.00am I had been in a car, plane, train and bus and wandered aimlessly through back streets with my little trolley bag trying to find the venue. Once I found my way the lovely ladies from Material Obsession were literally standing out the front waving me in (I would have given them a thankyou hug but I was too sweaty!!) Thankyou so much Kathy for your warm welcome, it had been a long morning and it was very much appreciated.  The venue was beautifully set up, with individually made name tags, pencils, goodies and we had even had individual design boards. 

In the middle of the room, on a massive table was a huge mound of fabric scraps.  We were told to grab a pile, but!, it had to be colours we would never normally use and things we didn't particularly like...mmmmm.....

Victoria then led us on a wonderful journey, the story behind her book "15 Minutes of Play".  She first shared many of her quilts talking about the inspiration and story behind them.  From there Victoria explained how to begin 'playing' with scraps, joining them to become a larger piece of fabric which we can then use in any way our little creative heart desires.  She is an incredibly warm and generous person and I could have listened all day.
What my scraps started as ...
step 2 of my creation

Probably the main 'thing' I got from this workshop was a sense of freedom.  So often I try to keep my designs and choices fairly commercial, sometimes even stopping myself from going off on a tangent.  Well, this technique not only gave me permission to do this, but very practically showed us how.  So my little mind was just buzzing with thoughts and ideas the whole (long) way home. 

Before heading home however, I did get to drop into Material Obsession, somewhere I've always wanted to visit.  It was just gorgeous, inspiration everywhere you look, amazing colour choices and lots of projects big and small to delight.  Well worth a visit for anyone visiting Sydney. 

So thankyou so much Victoria, for broadening my vision and totally inspiring me.  It was without a doubt a day I will never forget.  Many thanks also to Kathy and the whole team at Material Obsession, for putting the day together and making it possible.  We learned something from you all as you walked around and shared your experience and talents also. 

myself and Victoria
group photo
Here are a couple more links if you are interested in having a look at some more photos,
Michelle xx

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Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

Michelle, I had su ch a nice day with you all. I only wish you all did not live on the other side of the earth! It always seems we make the best connections with people, that are the furthest away! I look forward to coming back to AU... I LOVED playing with all of you!