Thursday, May 30, 2013

Scrappy trip around the world!

I almost wrote 'finished!', but then I realised it would be a little white lie as it hasn't even been teased by the idea of being 'sandwiched'.  However, the 'top' IS finished and I'm delighted about that.  All blocks (36) were completed on retreat, and slowly the blocks put together last week. 

so.. ta da!!!!  I'm very happy with it, and as usual surprised at how differently it looks in the photo.  Photos always make the pattern 'pop' so much more. 

I realised during the process of this quilt that after 20+ years of quilt making this is actually my first true 'scrappy' quilt, made out of leftovers. (shameful I know!)  I therefore had missed out on a very special trip down memory lane. I found as I stitched those old scraps together that I remember each little (or not so little!) project that had been made along the way.  So much fun!

Michelle x

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