Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sisterly Love...

I was lucky enough to have my sister, Suzanne, come to Brisbane from Adelaide to spend her birthday (in style of course!). Her birthday present has been adorning a wall in the shop (The Quilters Corner) for a few months, so it was a happy moment to finally give it to her. I forgot to take a photo of both of us with it, before she left, so she has sent me a photo of it in its new home. And hows that wall (and artwork!!) for a colour match? Just before I gave it to her she was telling me how she was ready for a change, and was going black and white.... lots of cringes on my behalf.... not due to the colour, but knowing what was wrapped up in my bedroom. Even while out shopping she was checking out new quilt covers. Of course I told her, as only sisters can.. how awful they were. I think I am now forgiven however!

On the stitching front, I'm putting together a very simple but gorgeous flannel bliss quilt. I haven't got to sit at my beloved machine for nearly as long as I would have liked however due to breaking a needle and putting something out of whack in the machine, so off to the doctor it went! Tonight hopefully..... maybe....??

And this is what I found when I walked into the sewing/computer/music/toy room this morning.. Yet another little treasure. I had to smile at the little scrap of chenille being using as a table cloth in the centre. (not sure either what the girls in the middle are chatting about, maybe about what colours to choose for their next quilt??)

Squeezes, Michelle xx

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circle retreat quilter said...

Michelle, the quilt looks great, in that room, I remember seeing it hanging at QC, See you soon