Tuesday, May 24, 2011

For the love of Binding...

I've never really been able to understand why some people don't like binding... I love it! It's the 'piece de resistance' (make sure you say that in a french accent otherwise you totally lose the effect!). After all those hours of work, you finally get to sit down, and have one last intimate moment with your fabric before it is declared 'a quilt'. It's the 'finishing touch', the excitement that all your work is about to be loved and enjoyed.... oh... and of course the knowledge that you can now move on to your next project with a clear conscience!

or maybe... some might say... I need to get out more..

Michelle xx


circle retreat quilter said...

hi I love to Bind and maybe you need to get out more, who knows....lets do sunday lunch soon

Anonymous said...

I too love binding and even more since I have been using binding clips and not pins.
Happy stitching

Bayside Rose said...

Aaaah that is where I am up to now. Don't really know where to start but I will get there.
Pam x