Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Highfields Retreat...

Last weekend saw the entourage from The Quilters Corner head up to Highfields (just outside of Toowoomba) for one of their annual retreats. It is the fourth I have been on, but I still have just as much fun as the first ! It is an absolute sight to behold when you see (and hear !) a room full of 38 women busily ensconced in conversation, laughter and the odd bit of sewing ! The room is totally abuzz and you can't but help being swept up in it all. It is amazing how much you can pick up from the people around you and how much you can be inspired. I just love to see how much the love of quilting can bring together people from every walk of life.

This year was extra special once again as my Mum came up from Adelaide to spend with me, a quality weekend away. Thanks Mum!

Here is the quilt yours truly was working on.... it was basted before I went, so I was just working on the machine quilting (free motion)... nearly there.

At the end of weekend, we have show and tell, which is a real highlight. It is great to see the product of so much 'hard work'. The room is full of plenty of "oo's and ahhh's" as works of art are held up for the pleasure and admiration of all. Whether it is the colours 'you' would have chosen or not, everyone appreciates all the talent and hard work which has gone into each individual piece. On more than one occasion it inspires people to try something new, and think outside their comfort zone.

So, definitely a thumbs up for the weekend ! If you haven't been on a retreat before, I recommend you give it a go. (You could even get a your own group of friends together and visit The Circle Retreat at Buderim.)

Some people didn't want to stop sewing.......... and who could blame them? ............. Yoo Hoo!! Girls!!! everyone else has gone home.....

Squeezes, Michelle xx


Anonymous said...

Looks like a great time was had by all, even recognised a few faces.
Thanks for sharing


Steph said...

Oh I wish I could have come!! Even as a newbie!!! It looks like such a wonderful weekend. WIshing you a gorgeous rest of your week :) x

LuAnn said...

I go on a retreat twice a year similar to the one you just went on, and I enjoy every minute. There are so many great ideas and inspiration to bring home. Glad your Mom was able to join you!

Michelle said...

Thanks LuAnn, it certainly is a special weekend!