Thursday, November 17, 2011

Our New Little Veggie Box

My lovely husband spent a few precious days of his leave building us a couple of lovely big veggie boxes down the side of the house. All has been going well, the tomatoes are growing, the beans sprouting and we all like going out to see what has changed from day to day.
We have had some very hot days in Brisbane this week so I went out to check on them yesterday afternoon when I got home from work, hoping my little babies hadn't wilted. We had put up a little temporary fence, to keep Charlie out while it was all still new and exciting, and I could see that I had left it open.... OOPS! But then I turned the corner..... Charlie had indeed had a wow of a time..... MAJOR OOOOOPS!!!! He had had a lovely time in the first box, somehow didn't manage to knock over the bigger tomato plants, but had certainly rearranged the other things. He had also dug some monster holes (a little hard to see in the photo). I spent the next hour re-levelling dirt and re-planting, but was just thankful that he hadn't touched the second box with the beans! He looks quite innocent doesn't he? Michelle xx

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Quill and Ink Handmade said...

Oh no! What a cheeky puppy!

I remember when we first started planting out our garden, our big lumbering mastiff, Ella, would sneak into garden beds and loll about in the tilled earth, squashing the new saplings. It drove me crazy! We spent a great many days replanting and scolding :)
Would love to see progress photos as your crops start to flourish!