Monday, November 21, 2011

Quick and Cheerful table runner.

Quilting doesn't always have to be intricate and time consuming... sometimes the fabric (ok.. maybe a lot of the time!) is just so gorgeous its ok to let it talk for itself. This late shipment of Christmas fabric arrived in the shop the other day, and knowing that I'm quickly running out of time for making Christmas presents, but REALLY REALLY having the need to make something, I decided to make my mother in law a quick table runner. After cutting out the fabric I knew that I just HAD to have one too, so made my 'pattern' even quicker and easier... 30cm of the feature fabric, bordered in the contrast. What could be simpler? Those batting off-cuts are perfect for table runners, and I'm not going to get too fussy about the backing fabric for this one either. I will spray baste, quilt it very simply, and Bob's your Uncle! (or the man next door, or whoever Bob would like be really...) (todays mantra..) Have a great week, Michelle xx
p.s. the pattern for the larger 'square in a square runner is Liisa's and available at/from the shop. Gem of pattern, I have made a few already!

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