Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bargello Strips

I am teaching a Bargello class in February and this is my sample,  (please ignore my Aunt Millies being used as a table cloth underneath). I made my MIL a Bargello table runner for Christmas and found it a lot of fun and very addictive.  Maybe because my curiosity has now been satisfied, this seems to be a much longer progress.... or maybe because this is a about 15 times bigger?!  There are 20 strips in each 'set' and I need to make 4 full sets and 2 partial sets.  I've finished 12 strips so far, and then, the fun really begins.  You then get to cut and slice, and make magic.  I shall you my progress as I go along.

As with all things quilting, there are always handy tips to make life easier and bargello is no exception. I'll let you know these when I've got a full list for you.

Hope you had a happy Australia Day,
Michelle xx

p.s. quite proud of myself... I looked at my strips sitting there about 10 minutes ago and thought, "I should blog about that.. I'll do it tomorrow", but then decided to strike while the iron is hot!  Feels quite good to be organised I have to say.. might give it real bash this year!

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Leanne said...

Love the colours Michelle, can't wait to see it progress.