Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hexie Snowflakes......

ok... this post is a little late, but I did warn you that I had a 'little' catching up to do. 
Each Christmas I try to think of a little something that I can make for friends.  Since I had been teaching a 'hexie' class I was immediately inspired (and extremely thankful) by the lovely Nova's creation over at her blog, 'A cuppa and a catchup.  Her snowflakes were just perfect, and I changed them to my all time love, the trusty ol', can't possibly go wrong,  'red and white' colour theme.  I had also just bought some gorgeous red and white cotton twine (fancy that!) so it was all just too perfect for words. 
Most of them unfortunately didn't get delivered on time, but they were appreciated none the less. 

Many thanks Nova, if you were in reach, I would have smooched you for sure!

Michelle xx


Leanne said...

Not late, just VERY early, haha! They are very cute x

Nova said...

I love your red & white hexies Michelle! darn it, I wish I had been within smooching reach! x

Steph said...

They're lovely Michelle! Your hand sewing is just beautiful. Can't wait to see all the lovely ladies at hexies next week. The little man is only waking once a night now so I think I'll brave a late night (usually in bed by 8:30 at the latest...what a Nana I am!) Hope all is lovely in your world :) x