Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A couple of pics of a distant memory......

Isn't it sad that holidays are gone so quickly?... All that planning and anticipation gone it what seems like a heartbeat?  Well, thank goodness for photos which help keep those precious memories alive.

I don't wish to bore, but I did promise a couple of pics, so I thought I should deliver.  And I can't (shouldn't) put off choosing a couple out of the 1100 photos that we took (and that's not including Elsie's camera!) 

Once I've bored you silly with these, I can then move on to much more important stuff... like retreats.... (yes Jenni, there may be a sneaky pic of you sewing, but don't worry, I won't name you!) projects.... updated old ones....  and maybe a FINISHED BLOCK OF THE MONTH..(nearly peeing myself with excitement over that one)... and .....well.... you'll just have to wait and see..

oops... I lied... it was 1289 photos.

elephants playing in the water just north of Phuket
Sally, Elsie and myself enjoying an elepant ride
Elsie and myself enjoying one of our fabulous meals in Phuket
The family, at a temple in Bangkok
Elsie with a little green friend...
total delight at being 'tickled' during a 'fish massage'
floating markets outside of Bangkok
yummy! Banana rotis from a street vendor
at Phi Phi island

the girls at 'McThai'.. yep, that's what the receipt says!
Beautiful Koh Samui, right out the front of our resort
me trying to work out what to do next... read, snooze, or just daydream....
the beach at Koh Samui is lined with all these little restaurants literally on the beach.. was heaven..
the day after Darryn and I did a Thai cooking class, I went back to the same place to take a watermelon carving class.  This is me with the 'fruit' (gosh I'm witty!) of my labour, with teacher Gino ( I know! an amazing local Thai name).  So much fun and it managed to feed my creative urges.

chip anyone??  yum yum!

Well, for anyone still reading,
happy stitching,
Michelle xx


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circle retreat quilter said...

lovely pics ..... cant wait to go to Koh Samui. thanks for the inspiration.