Monday, May 14, 2012

The real world.......

indeedy... back to the real world.....
must I? really???  I have been a little slow, I have to admit, in rejoining the human race.  I have taken it nice and slow, but it is now time to hit the ground with my feet running.  I have a crazy week ahead, with a couple of deadlines, 3 classes to teach (two at night time), a friend from Canberra coming up to stay Friday night, then head off on a retreat Saturday lunch time.  And all this, of course, is in amongst working, mothering and house keeping!  Phew!!... I'm exhausted already.. 

I have a million photos to bore you with from our 'fantabulous' holiday in Thailand (actually there is only 1300, but I will try and limit it for you...), but I thought I would just start off with one today that tells you where my head was at while away. 

I had prepared my little 'indulgence' project to take away with me (indulgence meaning "I really should be working on something else" but is something different, that I haven't designed... therefore don't have to think about, just for me), and thought that I should at least get a couple of stitches sewn to make it worth my while taking away.  So, Darryn has taken the girls down to the pool, I sit on the balcony, and 'voila!' (french for 'oh crap look what I've done'), the first piece I sew is upside down and back to front!!  So I laugh, put it down, and go to the pool! 

have a great week,
Michelle xx

p.s. my project is an English piecing BOM, which I am making in civil war fabrics.  Yes, very different to a lot of things I do, but I am loving it, probably because I it is so different.  I have a very diverse taste when it comes to quilting.


Steph said...

Good on you for making something indulgent! Oh how I wish I could head up to your gorgeous retreat with you all. Maybe when I'm not a one woman walking dairy to a certain little man. Can't wait to see some holiday snaps. Wishing you a gorgeous week :) x

Jodie said...

Good to have you back Michelle...looking forward to a great weekend of sewing indulgence!!

Quill and Ink Handmade said...

Oh goodness, it's so hard getting back into the swing of things after a holiday! So looking forward to hearing about your Thai adventure :)