Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Perfect start to the Year!

I realised as I started cutting a new quilt today that it was in fact (of course!) the best way to spend the first day of the new year.  I'm hoping that it is indeed a sign of what is to come. 

Now you may look at the photo below and think.... what??  And I agree with you!  These are not colours of my choice but they do have a special meaning.  Zac is the son of very good friends of ours and in a couple of weeks he fly's the nest.  He has been accepted into the Australian Defence Force Academy in Canberra as an intelligence officer with the Royal Australian Air Force (near and dear to my husband and I as we met when we were both in the RAAF).  So!  I needed a special present, and of course and I didn't need to think too long. 

I am doing a very basic 'square in a square' quilt, which is never fail, quick, masculine quilt.  Our Zac is a mad keen soccer (sorry! 'football') fan (nut), so these colours represent his favourite teams.  The green and gold for Australia, red/orange/black and white for Manchester United, and orange/white black for the Roar (Brisbane).  The blocks will then be sashed in black.  I will post photos of the finished product.

Before I could even contemplate sewing today however, I needed to tidy my pigsty of a sewing room and actually make a path to the sewing machine.  My sewing room still isn't ideal, but I do have a sewing machine on a table (great help... sewing on the floor sucks) and a cutting table actually being used for its intended purpose (a treat indeed!). 

So without further adieu (to you and you and youuuuuu..... sorry... 'Sound of music' came into my head), I will make a start on those square in square blocks (although according to a customer the other day, this is completely inaccurate as it is a 'square with borders'... isn't it??  sheesh!... I did try and explain my way of thinking, but she smiled and shook her head, so I bit my tongue!)

Michelle xx

p.s.  I'm very proud of myself as I have blogged every day so far this year, quite an achievement!


Patchwork and Play said...

Every day- I'm impressed! Look forward to seeing the square within a square- of course that's what its called!

carol fun said...

Oh this will be a great looking quilt and I love your cheeky comment about having blogged every day this year - LOL! Wish I had thought of this myself. Happy stitching!

Leanne said...

What a terrific idea for Zac, I'm sure he will love it! And a bit of extra warmth in Canberra won't go astray! I look forward to seeing the finished "square in square" quilt as I love them too (maybe as I have a house full of boys) and am intrigued to see how you work in all those colours!