Tuesday, January 8, 2013

So easily distracted.....

Well.... so there's Zac's quilt which really NEEDS to be done, and then there is new fabric which whispers sweet nothings in my ear........  What's a girls to do I ask??

This gorgeous new fabric which I am madly in love with is aptly named... "Crazy Love" by Jennifer Paganelli.  I arrived in our humble little shop just before Christmas but I didn't have time to play.  Yesterday I found time (ok, MADE time) and cut out an new variation on my Pyramid Parade pattern.  Its the same pyramids but with a completely different effect due to fabric placement (I've always loved the way you can make the same pattern so different).  Hopefully it will be put together very soon and I can show you... oh yeah... and Zacs. 

You can see here Zacs 'square in a square' blocks (NOT square with borders! ;) ) sitting patiently in the top right hand corner, with my new fabrics in the forefront.

Sheesh!  Better get a move on!

Michelle x

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Patchwork and Play said...

I see a cup of tea waiting patiently there too! Such pretty fabric! Stay cool in the heat!