Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Civil War Miniature

I've been working on this little delight for a little while.  I have a huge amount of civil war fabrics left over, from my hexies, so a miniature quilt was a great way to use them up! 

As usual, I go flat out, then once that itch has been satisfied, move on to the next 'to be' unfinished project.  Well, I quilted this over the wet spell (ok torrential rain and flooding) we had in Brisbane recently, and have just finished binding (while watching 'The Help'.. again... love that movie!!) 

I did debate how much quilting to put in.  Quick and easy ditch (which I dont' find exactly satisfying) or free motion feathers.  I'm glad I went with the feathers, I thoroughly enjoy this while it doubles for well needed therapy. I did need to ditch around the little pieced blocks, and for the first time, I free motioned this to avoiding all the frustrating and neck breaking turning and pulling it requires.  It is a lot more time consuming, but again, worth the effort.

This pattern was from 'Civil War Legacies' by Carol Hopkin, and has a finished size of 31" x 36"

Enjoy your week,

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Steph @ this brown wren said...

Just stunning Michelle! Your free motion is so inspiring and very beautiful. x