Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A different kind of quilting....

I have spent many hours at my machine this week (evident by the very sore muscles in the left side of my neck!), doing a 'different' sort of project.  I was asked to make a banner (= quilt to me) for our church for a theme they are following for the year.  I was given a rough design.  I was more than a little nervous only because I can't draw to save myself, and as it was pictorial, I was concerned about getting the proportions correct.  Well, all was going well, then I met with my pastor to show him my 'mock up', but discovered I had my dates wrong (surprise surprise!!), and instead of a 10 day time frame I had 2.  Oops!! So, home again home again jiggety jiggety jig I went (but a little faster this time) and hit the machine. 

I actually thought I would be able to whip it up pretty quick, BUT, the buttonholing around the lettering was so time consuming!  By 12.30 am I had it together but had only outlined the hand, plate and 4 letters.  I had to work the next day til lunchtime, then wizzed home (no old man driving for me!) and kept going.  I managed to watch an entire series of (12 episodes) of a show just while outlining and quilting.  The machine could only go so fast and I estimated I spent about 8 -10 sitting there. 

I then had to work again Saturday morning, so darling daughter #1 started to stitch down the binding for me and I finished when I got home from work.  So it was finally finished and hanging ready for Sunday service.  I was quite pleased about the finished product.

Elsie, who attends the primary school attached to the church was proud when she got home from school yesterday.  They had chapel in the morning and she was sitting just near the banner and told me how she told all her friends that her Mum had made it... isnt' that cute?

Have a great week,
Michelle xx

p.s. my tip for the week... stretch!  Even though I felt fine while I was sewing (I think there was too much adrenaline to feel anything), I must have knotted everything up and am still paying today.  So stretch ladies, stretch!

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Steph @ this brown wren said...

What a champion effort! Yay for you big girl...and yay for your we girl too. Hope all is lovely in your world :) x