Friday, March 1, 2013

Zac's quilt .... finished!!

Ta daaaa!! Done! And... I have to say... I'm not too proud say I'm pretty happy with it!  I really was concerned to see how all those colours would work out, but I was thrilled.  I normally work in 'pretty' colours, so it was great for me to work outside of my comfort zone. 

I really do love this patterns, it really does work in any combination colours, and is great for putting together a masculine quilt as I have done.  For those who missed the earlier post, this quilt is a for a wonderful young man (sound so 'old' when I say that!) who we (as a family) think the world of.  It was his farewell gift for joining the RAAF, and beginning at ADFA (Defence Force Academy).  The colour choice is a combination of his favourite soccer teams, Socceroos, The Roar and Manchester United.  I gave it to Tammy, Jason and Sara to take down to Canberra for his ceremony yesterday.  They were absolutely rapt which always makes it so worthwhile.  I just hope that Zac likes it too. 

Congratulations Zac, we are very proud of you and love you lots!

Have a great weekend,
Michelle x

p.s.    grrrrrr, I have been sitting here FOREVER!!! trying to turn this photo to portrait and it will NOT do it, even though it is in my edited version!!! So please just turn your head on the side, although you get what I mean...

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Leanne said...

That looks fabulous Michelle! When I saw the pile of different colours I was scared but it looks amazing and I am sure Zac will love it xx