Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hello old friend....

In an attempt to tidy up my sewing room, which incidentally didn't go too well, I spied a bag at the back of the cupboard. Inside was a quilt top I made just over 3 years ago. It is a traditional style, and one I chose specifically so I could hand quilt the large blank blocks. Very sadly, this is as far as I got.. Initially because I was after a specific backing which was out of stock. But as I waited, other projects took hold and so stuffed into the little bag it stayed. Maybe I will give up on the hand quilting idea and go with something a little more time efficient? It would seem a shame though, because I just love hand quilting, especially at this time of year. It is rhythmic and therefore relaxing. mmmm..... I think I am talking myself back into the hand quilting..

Enjoy the perfect quilting weather..
Michelle xx


circle retreat quilter said...

Michelle, just put it under the machine and finish this lovely quilt, it will be done in no time.

love it

Anonymous said...

Oh yes that is a beauty, I think it would be wonderful to hand quilt. Love it.

Thank you also for your lovely comment regarding my purchased quilt Michelle.
My emails are bouncing so I thought I thank you here.
Have a great weekend

Kim said...

Hi Michelle,

Your quilt is amazing! I know what you mean about hand sewing though-although time consuming, it will always be held close by your young ones knowing that mum sewed each and every one of the stitches. Making family heirlooms is a great motivator!

All the best and look forward to spending all my hard earned cash at Qc very soon!


Tania said...

If it helps any, I have hand-quilting projects in the wings for, oh, centuries now...