Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Special Present for someone special..

We had a lovely long weekend here in Brisbane, a little rain on Saturday night and Sunday morning, but not quite the torrential rains all weekend that were forecast.
Elsie, having caught the sewing bug (yay!!) was desperate, as usual, to put her new found love to practice. And what better way than to make her beloved prep teacher a gift for her upcoming overseas trip? And a travel journal seemed a perfect way to put those strips from Liisa to very good use.

So... first we set about sewing those strips together... (she had just been stacking them on top and sewing, but I thought we might as well move on to putting right sides together... and why not throw in a quarter inch foot for good measure?.... never too young to start quilting right?)

oh.. and note that we have now moved on to my 'back up machine'. Again, I thought we might as well since she was doing so well and the little one did tend to slip and jam a little...

... next we quilt the strips onto some batting.... and check out that quilting?! Hand on my heart she did this herself! It was enough to make a grown quilter cry! I couldn't believe how straight she kept it, and so competently finished off each row and started again.. all by herself! (can you tell I'm a little proud?)

... oh.. and note we have NOW moved on to MY machine? (not a permanent move though.. but my walking foot was already on)

.. then we sew on the little hand stitched "mrs East" label...

I then stepped in just to finish off, and Elsie popped the note book inside. She was as proud as punch and could barely get to sleep for the excitement of giving it to Mrs East, whom she "loves so much", in the morning.

The joy of giving is one of those most precious moments in life which feeds your soul immeasurably. To see Elsie experience this is a true joy for me also. We are very blessed for having Mrs East as Elsie's teacher, she is an absolute treasure and we hope that she can record some very special moments in her journal.

Have a great week, Michelle xx

oh... and Mrs East is a quilter! Does it get any better??


Steph said...

What an absolute treasure! To think she did it all by herself...what a gorgeous job she's done. Must be in the genes! Wishing you a wonderful week :)
P.s. Have tried to leave a few comments but blogger hasn't let me so yay for today!

Anonymous said...

That is just too cute!

circle retreat quilter said...

Wow she is going to the top of the class. Mrs East is going to love her new Journal. Well done Elsie.

Quill and Ink Handmade said...

Oh Michelle, I just LOVE this idea - and beautiful work, Elsie!

Thea said...

Very impressive! Elsie looks so justifiably proud as I sure mamma is too. x