Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Creativity explosion....

Well, it sounds good! but what it means is that my mind is going a million miles an hour and my fingers can't keep up! I always keep pen and paper on me for when such inspiration takes hold, but my fingers can't always translate the images my brain is creating. And its not always paper that I feel I need, its fabric! And most of the time I don't have the luxury of time to run to my sewing machine whenever the creation hits.

Yesterday I had a particularly erratic day and counted that I worked on 6 different projects! I'm sure that's one of the definitions of madness!

1. my "Birds in the air" creation, nearly finished, just borders to go

2. my needle turn applique project...

3. a 'new' project (started a week ago), very excited about this one, its been out and about lately, but I have added my own touch (hope to show more soon)..

4. another 'new' project which I'm SUPER excited about, I did NOT need a new project, but my base fabric finally arrived in the shop, so I HAD to give it go and see how it turned out (another sneak peek)..

5. MORE bunting for the party..

6. and lastly, toadstool covers for the fairies to still on (photos to come).

There are also a couple of bag patterns floating around in my head, but I shoo them away when they come to visit, no time for them.

How on earth am I supposed to find time today to make cupcakes for Elsie to take to school tomorrow, and an information evening at school tonight? Lets not mention the appt in town at 12.30pm or the numerous school pick ups!

Squeezes, Michelle xx


Jodie said...

Wow Michelle-I love that quilt-hopefully you'll run a class for it??? And how did you fit in time to blog on top of all that? Good luck for Elsie's party. Jodie

circle retreat quilter said...

wow just breath, and sew, cook and clean, drive and it will all be awesome. looking good all those projects. cheers Stace