Sunday, July 17, 2011

party preparations begin....

... and not a moment too soon really, especially since the "big fairy party" for a very special soon to be 6 year old is THIS Sunday!! Unfortunately my brain doesn't go into action until the last minute. My super organised (/controlling...shhh.... I didn't say that!)17 year old has been on my back for awhile now, so today it was time to start the bunting. I decided I was going to make this instead of using paper streamers, as it is something that can be used again, will look super cool and I can use some of it in Elsie's bedroom afterwards.

So..... picture me standing in front of my 'stash'... can I bear to use that one?? or that one?? I was in pain trying to decide, until I slapped myself smartly and realised that THIS is what 'stash's' are for.. aren't they? Yes, yes of course they are. What's the point of it otherwise? So, very pretty bunting coming up (worked out I need 36 metres of it, which equals 360 pieces! Ok, job #1 started..., 100 to go, (this is one of those times when then super organised/controlling daughter comes in very handy - especially when she's still on uni holidays, yay!)

have a good week,
Michelle xx

*ok, ok, I confess.... I couldn't bear to use the 'Swell', my almost favourite range from Urban Chiks!

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