Monday, July 25, 2011

Fairy fun.....

Oh my Gosh!! I survived! But I have to admit, I kind of underestimated what 18 little 5 to 6 year old fairies looked like all in the one place! It was crazy, chaotic but lots and lots of fun and they all had a ball. Arranging a special fairy friend to come and organise the girls was a very wise decision, and the hours and metres of fabric that went into THAT bunting was well worth it. I was so pleased with the effect, and we even now have something special to put up in Elsie's room to remind her of her special day.

She loved every minute, and "party-zilla" didn't once come to visit, not even when it was all over. I had lots of wonderful help from my big girls and my lovely mother in law, which reduced my stress levels immensely.

Am I allowed to admit that I'm so relieved it is all over though? ... now back to my 'other sewing'

Michelle xx


Quill and Ink Handmade said...

Looks great! So glad she had a wonderful day :)


circle retreat quilter said...

Well the fairy look like she had a very special day, and the mumma fairy did a terrific job with all that bunting. Well done.

Jodie said...

Michelle, it looks fantastic... how good would it be to be six and dress up like that!!! Elysie will always hold the memory of that party so it will all be worth while.