Friday, July 15, 2011

A New Pattern...yay!

It's very exciting sliding that new pattern, freshly printed and folded, into a crisp plastic sleeve! It gives me a great deal of satisfaction as it is the last peice to a long process of designing, making and writing the pattern for a project.

This is my new pattern to hit the shelves at The Quilters Corner. The quilt has been hanging for a couple of weeks so you may have already seen it if you have popped into the shop lately. It is made from the gorgeous French General range (from Moda) called 'Pom Pom de Paris'. Hence the inspiration for the name, and the fact that is made from a layer cake and 'gateaux' being french for such yummy things (the edible ones!). PLEASE excuse my very dodgy photo... at midnight it seems like a perfectly sensible idea to prop a pattern up against my sewing chair and it would be artistically brilliant! ..... oops!

I'm very excited as hopefully, very soon, I will have enough patterns written up to launch my website properly...(mmm... note I said "written", the quilts are actually made they just need a certain person to stop getting distracted by certain gorgeous fabric that walks in the door of the shop non-stop! What's a girl to do? Stop and drool and play with new fabric or write the pattern for the quilt you've already drooled over? surely you can see my dilemma?

have a great weekend,
Michelle xx


Anonymous said...

Love the look of your pattern, Michelle you have done a great job any tips? I would love to publish some of mine too but not sure how to make them look so good.

Happy sewing

Leanne said...

Congratulations Michelle! It's all coming together for you.